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Opportunity Zone Update: New IRS Language Clarifies Lingering Issues

The IRS recently cleared significant hurdles for investors interested in Opportunity Zone Funds with the release of its second set of Treasury regulations regarding Opportunity Zone investments. Beacon Hill will focus on Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds (“QOZF”) that invest primarily in real estate, and this summary will address that space. The potential tax advantages for …

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Opportunity Zone Fund Update

The landscape for Qualified Opportunity Zone funds continues to develop and show promise.  While favorable taxation should never trump underlying investment merits, this strikes us at Beacon Hill as one of the most promising arrows in our quiver for maximizing a selling business owner’s after tax returns. Rigid Requirements Create Potential Pitfalls The first set …

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2018: Economy Hums While the Market Drops

2018 is a perfect lesson in the market discounting future economic information.  If I were to tell you the economy would run churn as the below stats show, what would you imagine the market to be? 1.) Largest corporate tax cut in my lifetime 2.) 3.9% unemployment 3.) Over 3% wage growth 4.) 25% earnings …

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The Tech Sector Could Be Dominating Your Portfolio

While the Tech Sector isn’t “dominating” any of our clients portfolio, the below article does a good job of highlighting how “The Market” is referred to as being a static entity, but there is, in fact, no one “Market”.  The S&P 500 has a 12% weighting to just the 5 FAANG stocks, however, in order …

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Opportunity Zones

One reason I love my job is that I get to carve out a slice for “Nerd Out” time. This is time spent reading research, crunching numbers on my own, and thinking of tax strategies, amongst other things.  Nerd Out time is not only my way of relaxing and keeping mentally curious, it helps me …

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