April 2021

Monthly Market Recap from Clint Edgington, CFA The gradual economic growth discussed last month showed signs of accelerating in March.  Employers hired more, with January and February’s employment gains of +545k being revised up by 156k more jobs.  March’s non-farm payroll employment shot up by another 916k jobs to move the unemployment rate down by 6%.  …

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March 2021

Monthly Market Recap from Clint Edgington, CFA February was a quiet month in the markets, continuing trends that have been in place since December.  Economic expansion seems to be continuing, with positive news on the coronavirus front,  unemployment being lower with 50k new jobs created last month, and a Q4 GDP advance estimate of 4.1%.  Further …

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February 2021

Monthly Market Recap from Clint Edgington, CFA Frankly, not much happened in the markets last month.  With a new President and Congress shifting power, it’s an odd time for nothing major to happen to impact the markets.  Our new President perhaps ushered something into our lives that you either love or hate…predictability. Both U.S. and Foreign …

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January 2021

2020 Annual Market Recap from Clint Edgington, CFA 2020 will always be remembered as a tumultuous year.  When we write out the events that occurred, it’s hard to flesh that against the blistering 18.4% the U.S. stock market 1 returned this year. The pandemic gave us our fastest bear market and the fastest respondent bull market, …

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December 2020

Monthly Market Recap from Clint Edgington, CFA In a year that the markets were driven by Covid, November may be remembered as a turning point.  Three different vaccines for Covid were announced effective.  Fears of a contested election further dividing our political environment diminished, and a Biden victory ushers in a return to a more conventional …

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