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Our Financial Planning Process

With the ever-increasing complexity of our lives, confusing financial markets, and the vast array of products and solutions available, financial planning is becoming beneficial to many. The sheer knowledge and time required to understand the changing landscape is enough to exhaust many, and it overwhelms most. This feeling causes many to put off creating a process to plan for their future, jeopardizing their dreams and their family’s security. Our financial planning process brings peace of mind, security and organization to an otherwise overwhelming part of our lives.

Beacon Hill Investment Advisory is a generalist in all areas of financial planning, except for Investment Management, in which we are specialists. We are not incentivized to bring any particular solution, only the best. We will identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for your total financial picture, including insurance gaps and needs, estate planning requirements, and tax issues. We will plan with you and, where needed, implement recommendations in tandem with and through your current trusted specialists (accountant, attorney, insurance salesperson). In effect, we lead and monitor the team of specialists, but allow them to do what only they can.

A Few Questions We Will Answer With You:

  • When would you like to retire?
  • What goals do you have now, and for retirement?
  • Do your loved ones know your financial information should you become disabled or die?
  • How would your assets be handled, where would they turn?
  • Are your accounts titled properly?
  • Does a family limited partnership make sense?
  • What about a Living Trust?
  • Are there insurance coverage gaps?
  • Is that where an umbrella policy picks up, or is there a gap?

We provide an initial complimentary consultation, as we view it as a discovery process to determine if a relationship makes sense for both parties. Beacon Hill views financial planning as a process, not a one time event culminating in a ‘financial plan’ that should steer your financial decisions for the rest of your life. An emphasis will be placed on creating a system to simplify and streamline, with an initial series of meetings and refining meetings thereafter.


Meeting 1: Fact finding and determining if the relationship is beneficial for both parties.
Meeting 2: Document gathering, tax and insurance review.
Meeting 3: Estate planning and fine tuning.
Meeting 4: Presentation of the initial plan, documents for organization, and recommendations.

Quarterly or Semiannually Thereafter

  • Conduct meeting with the client(s).
  • Review planning recommendations and timeline.
  • Update the Plan for changes, and adjust accordingly.


  • Contact all client accountants and provide Schedule D information.
  • Review portfolio for any tax losses/gains to harvest or offset if needed.
  • Account titling and beneficiary review.
  • Portfolio review, and changes to risk tolerance.

To learn more about our Investment Management process, Click HERE.

*The Retirement Assessment tool is intended to give a basic framework for your retirement outlook.  It is not intended to be financial, tax or legal advice. As each individual has unique circumstances, it is advised that you sit down with a financial planner upon completing the assessment to review your plan.