Covid-19’s Impact on Main Street and Wall Street

Impact on the Market Covid-19’s impact on the financial markets and the real economy has been severe and historically fast.  In our March newsletter, we mentioned the market had experienced its “fastest 10% drop from an all-time high” and that “you can quickly daisy-chain a set of scenarios that begins to impact corporate profits significantly.”  …

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Mutual Funds: Wading into the Passive vs. Active Debate

It’s fairly difficult — even for professional investors — to consistently “beat the market.” This realization led to the creation of index mutual funds, which are passively managed investment vehicles designed to match the performance of a particular market index by owning the same securities included in the index. Today there are hundreds of indexes …

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Real Estate Investing 101

Historically low mortgage interest rates and rising home values are just a couple of reasons why investors may be drawn to real estate investing. Not only does real estate have the potential to provide a steady income stream, but it can help diversify an investment portfolio and act as a hedge against inflation. If you …

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Market Strategies: Three Ways to Play Defense in Your Stock Portfolio

Defensive investment strategies share a common goal — to help a portfolio better weather an economic downturn and/or bouts of market volatility. But there are some key differences, including the specific criteria by which particular stocks are selected. If you are nearing retirement or just have a more conservative risk tolerance, one of these defensive …

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Should You Invest Internationally?

Investing in foreign stocks provides access to a world of opportunities outside the United States, which may help boost returns and manage risk in your portfolio. However, it’s important to understand the unique risk/return characteristics of foreign investments before sending a portion of your money overseas. Reasons to go abroad Here are some of the …

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