Q3 2020 Market Recap

This quarter enjoyed broad economic optimism, as jobless claims decreased (though obviously still elevated), manufacturing continued its rebound, and COVID-19 case counts decreased off the summer highs with continued positive news on the vaccine front.  U.S. stocks outperformed European stocks as the European continent began experiencing their own COVID-19 surge.  Growth stocks, particularly the technology …

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August 2020 Market Recap

In our last market update, we felt the market is constantly trying to handicap “how the COVID-19 Pandemic will be solved, when…, and how much permanent damage…”.  In short, the market liked the news on that front throughout August as case counts began to once again moderate and news of vaccine developments and timelines generally …

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July 2020 Market Recap

July markets continued general trends already present in equity markets.  The S&P 500 returned 5% while fixed income markets continued to exhibit caution with yields dropping and returning 1.5%.  The 10 year note yield dropped from .7% down to the current level at .56%, indicating the bond market shows little concern for medium term inflation. …

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2020 Q2 Market Recap

The markets have quickly taken into account optimistic news on the new case counts, vaccine front, and amazing amounts of fiscal and monetary stimulus, posting a huge bounceback from last quarter with the S&P’s return of 20%.  Last quarter we posed: “The question going forward is how much does the harm spread throughout our economy.” …

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June 2020 Monthly Recap

Monthly Market Recapfrom Clint Edgington, CFA 2020 continues to be a tumultuous year.  While we are still figuring out the impacts of Covid-19 we now are dealing with flaring tensions from policing tactics and racial tensions.  While we at Beacon Hill stand with both peaceful protests and safe policing, we maintain focus on our task to …

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