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July 2020 Monthly Recap

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Monthly Market Recap
from Clint Edgington, CFA

The markets have quickly taken into account optimistic news on the new case counts, vaccine front, and amazing amounts of fiscal and monetary stimulus, posting a huge bounceback from last quarter with the S&P’s return of 20%. View July Market Recap.

2019 Tax Filing Deadline is July 15
By Anne Zavaglia, CFP® 

The COVID extended tax filing date is coming up on July 15. Good news for those that are expecting a tax refund this year and are just now filing – you can also expect to receive interest on your tax return filed between April 15 and July 15. View Article.

Thinking About a Roth Conversion This Year?
By Anne Zavaglia, CFP® 

The low tax environment coupled with market volatility makes Roth Conversions even more appealing this year. The current tax rates are set to sunset after 2025; possibly sooner should there be a change in administration after this election season. View Article.

Turbulent Times: Bear Markets Come and Go

The longest bull market in history lasted almost 11 years before coronavirus fears and the realities of a seriously disrupted U.S. economy brought it to an end.Bear markets are typically defined as declines of 20% or more from the most recent high, and bull markets are sustained increases of 20% or more from the bear market low. But there is no official declaration, so often there are different interpretations and a fair amount of debate regarding when these cycles begin and end. View Article.

Tapping Retirement Savings During a Financial Crisis

As the number of COVID-19 cases began to skyrocket in March 2020, Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. The legislation may make it easier for Americans to access money in their retirement plans, temporarily waiving the 10% early-withdrawal penalty and increasing the amount they could borrow. Understanding these new guidelines and the other rules for loans and early withdrawals may help you determine if they are appropriate options during a financial crisis. (Remember that tapping retirement savings now could risk your financial situation in the future.) View Article.

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