February 2020 Monthly Recap

Posted on February 5th, 2020

When President Trump signed the SECURE Act at the end of 2019, it could easily have escaped your notice during the holiday season. While time will tell if this law aimed to encourage greater retirement savings achieves its aims there’s no question it has a direct impact on many taxpayers. Read More

Tax Documents Calendar
Check out the complete list of tax documents used for reporting throughout the year, listed in order wehn they are made available by TD Ameritrade. Clients can expect a reminder email as tax forms become available. Read More

Closing Gaps in your Insurance Coverage
Buying insurance is about sharing or shifting risk, but you may think you’re covered for specific losses when, in fact, you’re not. Here are some common coverage gaps to consider when reviewing your own insurance coverage. Read More

Tips for Targeting your Retirement Savings Goal
What if you’re saving as much as you can, but still feel that your retirement savings goal is out of reach? As with many of life’s toughest challenges, it may help to focus less on the big picture and more on the details. Read More