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October 2019 Monthly Recap

Mark for Bellefontaine School Board

Mark is excited to announce that he is running for a position on the Bellefontaine City School Board! As a former city council member and a proud parent of four young chieftains, Mark is hopeful that his experience in public and private finance will help position the district for continued success. Good luck on November 5th, Mark!

Circleville Pumpkin Show

October 16 -19 

Don’t miss out on one of the oldest and largest festivals in Ohio! The Circleville Pumpkin Show is often referred to as “The Greatest Free Show on Earth“, attracting more than 400,000 visitors each year who to enjoy the colorful parades, Miss Pumpkin Show, pumpkin exhibitions and various stands for food and entertainment. Read more!

Tax Advantages of an Opportunity Zone Fund

Opportunity Zones present immediate tax and investment opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs. Download our white paper to explore the overview, benefits, and requirements of investing in an Opportunity Zone Fund.

Balancing 401 (k) and HSA Solutions

If you have the opportunity to contribute to both a 401 (k) and health savings accounts (HSA), you may wonder how best to take advantage of them. Determining how much to contribute to each type of plan will require some careful thought and strategic planning. Read more!

Earnings Season: What Investors Can Take Away from Corporate Reports

Publically traded companies are required to report their financial performance to regulators and shareholders on a quarterly basis. Earnings season is the often-turbulent period when most companies disclose their successes and failures. Read more!

How Much Will Health Care Cost?

Retirement-health care costs will vary depending on your health and longevity, but it may help to have a guideline. Learn about the estimated savings required for an individual or couple who turned 65 in 2019 to meet certain health-care expenses and what health services are not covered by Medicare. Read more!

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