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July 2019 Monthly Recap

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Beacon Hill is Moving!

Beacon Hill is moving to Dublin in September! Conveniently located on Franz Rd just north of Tuttle Blvd, we’ll have ample parking for clients and visitors to the office. While we will miss our downtown location that served us well for the last decade, we look forward to what the next adventure brings! Expect to hear more from us, we’ll be hosting an Open House after we’ve settled in!

Red, White and Boom!

Red, White & BOOM is not only Ohio’s largest fireworks display but the largest Independence Day fireworks display in the Midwest. BOOM! is a safe and FREE event for all to enjoy. Over 400,000 people will enjoy a full day of BOOM! events, including a parade, street festival, two stages of live music entertainment, and features a children’s park. Read More

Understanding the SEC’s New Advice Rules

The death of the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule last year left a hole in efforts to expand “rules of the road” for fiduciary advice across the field. In response, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved a four-part package of regulations in early June with the purpose to provide investors with clear information about their relationship with their investment professional. Read More

Checked Your Tax Witholding Lately?

If you were unpleasantly surprised by the amount of tax you owed or the amount of your tax refund when you filed your 2018 return, it may be time to check your withholding. Read More

Should You Invest Internationally?

Investing in foreign stocks provides access to a world of opportunities outside the United States, which may help boost returns and manage risk in your portfolio. However, it’s important to understand the unique risk/return characteristics of foreign investments before sending a portion of your money overseas. Read More

Declaring Your Financial Independence

No matter how much money you have or which life stage you’re in, becoming financially independent starts with a dream. Perhaps your dream is to retire early, travel the world, or open your own business. Financial independence, however you define it, is the freedom from the financial obstacles that are keeping you from living life on your own terms. Read More

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