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October 2018 Monthly Recap

Opportunity Zones

By Clint Clint Edgington, CFA
My most recent research has been on Opportunity Zones, and Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds (“QOZ Funds”), and the incredible tax savings potential for those with large realized capital gains.

In short, investors will be able to:

  1. “Recycle” their original capital gains in a QOZ Fund, which will enable them to: defer those original capital gains taxes for up to 8 years, and
    reduce the original capital gains by 15% if held for X years.
  2. Completely avoid capital gains taxes on the gains from the QOZ Fund if held more than 10 years.

Currently, the legislation isn’t workable but the IRS has signaled they will be releasing further guidance in the near future. Read More

Columbus Italian Festival

10/5/18 – 10/7/18
The Columbus Italian Festival is held every year on Columbus Day weekend in the heart Italian Village. Just north of downtown, surrounding the historic St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, the Italian festival offers some of the city’s best Italian food as well as live entertainment, rides, shopping, and the Columbus Day Italian Parade! Read More.

Tax Reform 2.0

by Anne Zavaglia, CFP®
The House passed three tax bills, known as Tax Reform 2.0, at the end of September. The legislation can now advance to the Senate, though the Senate is not expected to vote on the tax-reform legislation until after the mid-term elections. Read More.

The Road to Retirement

On your journey to retirement, you’ll likely face many risks that have the potential to throw you off course. There are five common challenges retirement investors face. Read More

College Financial Aid Forms

For the 2019-2020 school year, the federal government’s financial aid form, the FAFSA, can be filed as early as October 1, 2018. Read More

Life Insurance with a Refund

What if you outlive your term life insurance? With return of premium (ROP) life insurance, you receive the return of all your premium payments at the end of the policy term if certain conditions are met. Read More


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