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July 2018 Monthly Recap

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Do You Have an Exit Plan in Place for Your Business?

by Clint Edgington

Exit planning is something that all business owners will have to face at some point. Like being the executor of an estate, it is usually thrust upon someone once in their lifetime. They initially have no knowledge of how to do it, will gain that knowledge while doing it, and will likely never use that experience again. At Beacon Hill, we encourage our clients to plan early with different exit strategies in mind. Read More.


Jazz and Rib Festival

July 20-22, Scioto Mile

This highly anticipated summertime tradition offers both jazz and rib connoisseurs the finest in music and barbeque. With the addition of 33 acres of parkland along the Scioto Mile, the revitalized downtown riverfront provides the perfect location for hot ribs and cool jazz. The festival offers three days of continuous live performances while barbeque pit masters serve up sizzling ribs, chicken and more! Read more.


Our Favorite Vacation Spots!

by Meredith Stoudt

Where does Beacon Hill like to vacation? See our staff answers below!
Clint: Jenny and I love Maui. There is a great combination of water sports for me, and chilling on the beach for Jenny. If traveling with the family then the “Left Coast” of Michigan is our spot. The water is cold but clean, and the natural beach setting makes it easy to unplug!
Read More.

Protect Your Heirs

Often, tax-qualified retirement accounts such as IRAs make up a significant part of one’s estate. Naming beneficiaries of an IRA can be an important part of an estate plan. Read More

Tax Deduction Vs. Credit

Tax deductions and credits are terms often used together when talking about taxes. While you probably know that they can lower your tax liability, you might wonder the difference between the two. Read More

Going Public

An initial public offering (IPO) is the first public sale of stock by a private company. Companies tend to schedule IPOs when investors are feeling good about their financial prospects and are more inclined to take on the risk associated with a new venture. Read More

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