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December 2017 Monthly Recap

The Nutcracker

BalletMet’s production of the Nutcracker returns for the holidays! A Columbus tradition for 40 years, performances run December 8th through the 24th at the Ohio Theatre. Read More

Tax Reform

Senate Republicans passed their version of a tax reform bill on Saturday. The Senate version of the bill must now be reconciled with the version of tax reform passed by the House. We will be working with CPAs on strategies to reduce taxes for clients with any coming changes. Find out how the Senate and House bills differ from each other and current law. Read More

7 Key Changes to Retirement Plans Under the House and Senate Tax Bills

Retirement industry professionals have been following the tax legislation with great interest. The Senate passed its version of the tax bill on Saturday, though the bill is not yet finalized. Saturday’s vote means the Senate and House have passed similar tax reform plans, but negotiators from both chambers have to agree on a single piece of legislation that both chambers must approve before it is sent to the president for his signature. Read More

RMDs for Baby Boomers

In 2016, the first wave of baby boomers turned 70½, and many more reach that milestone in 2017 and 2018. What’s so special about 70½? That’s the age when you must begin taking required minimum distributions (RMDs). Read More

Your FSA Account

If you find that you still have money left over in your FSA as the end of the year approaches, there are a number of ways to spend down your account balance. Read More

Financial Resolutions to Consider

A new year is right around the corner, bringing with it a fresh start for you and your finances. What will you do in the upcoming year to improve your financial situation? Read More

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