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September 2017 Monthly Recap

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

A number of organizations are working to provide relief to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. A charity we support, recommended to us by Dan Sharpe, of the Columbus Foundation, is the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, housed by the Greater Houston Community Foundation. Dan said the best type of donation for victims is money, which “allows partners to purchase their true needs”. Donated supplies may not reach people or be the wrong type of items. Find out how to donate here

Avoiding Cybercrime

Each time you connect to the Internet, you risk becoming the victim of a cybercrime. It’s the price we pay for living in a digital world — whether it’s at home, at work, or on your smartphone.

While software companies are continually developing strategies to combat the latest cybercrimes, there are some steps you can take to help protect yourself online. Read More

Proposed Fiduciary Rule Delay

The Labor Department’s proposed 18-month delay for the fiduciary rule’s major compliance requirements and enforcement mechanisms is needed for regulators to complete a full review of the rule, according to language in Labor’s proposal released August 30. Read More

Medicare & Your Employer Plan

If you plan to continue working after you reach age 65, how does Medicare coordinate with your employer’s group health plan? When you’re eligible for both types of coverage, you’ll need to consider the benefits and costs of both. Read More

Life Insurance Planning

The requirements of work and family often leave little time to step back and think about where you’ve been and where you’re heading. As responsibilities grow, so does the need to evaluate what would happen if life for you stopped. Read More

A Gap in Retirement Savings

Women in the workforce generally earn less than men. While the gender pay gap is narrowing, it is still significant. The difference in wages, coupled with other factors, can lead to a shortfall in retirement savings for women. Read More

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