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Fall 2011 Newsletter

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For Beacon Hill, this was a busy quarter.  The markets certainly gave us more excitement than we would prefer with domestic equities officially in “correction” zone (10% drop) and foreign investments in a “bear market” drop (20% drop).  We continue monitoring and, as always, will keep our clients abreast of changes and improvements as they surface.

The Beacon Hill Team

Volatile Markets

It was a roller-coaster quarter for equities, as weeks and even days when the Dow swung several hundred points in both directions seemed to become commonplace. By the end, the volatility had cost the Dow almost 15% since its April high… READ MORE

3rd Quarter Economic Perspective

  • European debt problems – second Greek bailout
  • 1.3% – Second quarter GDP
  • 9.1% – Unemployment stalled
  • Fed Reserve – Operation Twist
  • U.S. credit downgrade and “supercommittee”


The Clock Is Ticking

Investment planning at the end of 2010 was complicated due to tax uncertainty. This year, even though you may be unsure how the congressional Supercommittee’s work may affect you, here are some factors to keep in mind. READ MORE

Seen In The Press

Columbus Dispatch – “Market Volatility: Calmer Heads Prevail” – 10/2/11
by Mark Fissel, CFP®

Drive Sales With Social Media

Join us for a Lunch & Learn.  Learn how to tap into Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter for your business! BOSSBusiness Owner Strategy Sessions READ MORE

Trade Mission

Mark was recently sent on a delegation to Japanto encourage further investment in Bellefontaineand Greater Central Ohio regions.  The additional perspective is valuable- especially during a period where international investments have been volatile. READ MORE

401(k) Corner: Increase Employee Savings


1. Those with a healthier retirement plan are more “present” while working, increasing efficiency.

2. Larger balances per employee allow fixed costs (administrative, audit, etc.) to be spread over a larger asset base, creating cost savings for everyone. READ MORE

Our Mission

“To manage our clients’ financial matters in a manner that allows them to focus on their family, their business, and their life.”

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