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July 2011 Monthly Recap

Debt Ceiling: Down To The Wire

Down to the wire: Uncertainty about default, debt, and political infighting affected equities markets both here and abroad. Despite a strong initial week that gave the S&P 500 its biggest percentage gain since mid-2009, all four domestic indices ended the month down. The small caps of the Russell 2000 were hit the hardest, while the Global Dow also suffered. READ MORE

The Month In Review

  • United States AAA credit rating
  • Greece – a second bailout
  • GDP – 1.3% in Q2
  • Unemployment increase – 9.2%
  • Consumer inflation drops
  • Housing – mixed news


Eye On The Month Ahead

Key dates and data releases: READ MORE

U.S. Debt Ceiling – The Budget Impasse

An analysis of the current debt ceiling debate and it’s effect on investment portfolios.  READ MORE (Locked – Client Access)

All About Indices

Do you know how an index works, and why understanding the nuts and bolts of a specific index can make a difference to your portfolio?  READ MORE

Medicare and Medicaid: Do You Know The Difference?

They are similar-sounding programs that are easily confused, but these government-run health-care programs are quite different.  READ MORE

401(k) Corner: MEPs – A Unique Alternative

MEPs, or Multiple Employer Plans, are a way for employers to pool their 401(k) plan with many other companies.  This allows the employer to outsource most of the Plan Sponsor, administrative and fiduciary duties of a 401(k).  MEPs have been around for many years but only recently have we seen a shift in employers adopting this 401(k) platform. The benefits of a MEP over traditional in-house 401(k)s can be quite compelling for the right company. MEPs:

  • Eliminate audit costs
  • Streamline plan responsibilities
  • Fulfill fiduciary duties

Because a MEP is the aggregation of many smaller plans, much of the cost and fiduciary liability can be centralized in the MEP entity, which in turn, relieves the burden to your business! This is because the MEP sponsor is assuming the roles of the Plan Sponsor, ERISA 3(16) plan administrator and trustee from the adopting employers. READ MORE

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