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A Letter From Your Advisors

Dear valued clients,

While we cannot predict with certainty the severity of the Coronavirus outbreak, a central tenant of Beacon Hill Investment Advisory is risk management. While the staff at Beacon Hill do not have the known risk factors that would make us vulnerable to major health issues, many of our clients, friends, and family members may fall within the category of being “high-risk”. As such, we have implemented necessary precautions and tested that we are able to function via telecommunication, marked redundancy in our systems, and a vigilant hawk-eye on our processes so that we don’t miss a step during this volatile and uncertain time.

The markets have gone down, and the odds of a recession have increased. We will continue to monitor your portfolios, and please know that we are well within our risk bands that we have discussed with each of you personally. We could not have foreseen the dire consequences of this Coronavirus outbreak, but the volatility that we are seeing is within our predictions for times of market stress. The stress and unease that accompanies this process is not a fun one, but it’s precisely this volatility that, in the long term, provides owners of stocks with a higher long-term return. For now, we’ll be sure to use plenty of hand sanitizer!

Please reach out with questions or concerns, and please keep yourselves safe and healthy.


The Beacon Hill Team

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