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July 2016 Monthly Recap


The Impact of Brexit

For my fellow central Ohioans, below is a “Clint’s notes” summary of a number of articles and analyses that may impact our clients and portfolios.  I’m sure many others have been following more closely and I encourage them to reach out to me with any thoughts or comments.

The European Union is an economic and political partnership that began after WWII to create economic integration and increase the desire for peace among the constituents.  It has grown to 28 countries, and for most of those countries (but not for Great Britain) they share a common currency as well.  Trade and the flow of residents amongst EU countries is extremely fluid and is modeled to be almost seamless. (Read more)

Red, White & Boom

Over 400,000 people will gather in downtown Columbus to celebrate the 36th annual Red, White & BOOM! This beloved event began in 1981 when 30,000 people gathered in Bicentennial Park to watch a small fireworks display. The excitement of the downtown Independence Day Celebration has boomed into what is now the largest single day event in Columbus and features the most recognized firework display in the Midwest. (Learn more)

Litigation Involving 401(K) Plans

Lawsuits against 401(k) plans have been increasing since last year.  Typically lawsuits have been aimed at large plans, but now a much smaller 401(k) plan is being scrutinized. (Read More)

Baby Boomers Reach RMD Age

The first wave of boomers turns 70½ starting July 1, and must start taking distributions from their retirement savings. (Read More)

Safe Harbor 401k Plans

Safe Harbor 401k plans are the most popular type of 401k used by small businesses today. Get answers to common questions. (Read More)

Q&As on Roth 401(k)s

The Roth 401(k) is 10 years old! With 62% of employers now offering this option, it’s more likely than not that you can make Roth contributions to your 401(k) plan. Are you taking advantage of this opportunity? (Read More)
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