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Spring 2012 Newsletter

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Equities – onward and upward

As the U.S. economy continued its slow march toward recovery and Europe managed to fight off the threat of a Greek default on key bond payments, even higher gas prices couldn’t stop equities from powering upward… (Read More)

Economic Perspective

  • GDP final estimate for Q4-2011: 3%
  • Unemployment continued falling: 8.3%
  • Greece: largest sovereign restructuring on record: 54% cut
  • FOMC – interest rates “exceptionally low” through late 2014
  • Home sales outpace 2011 but home prices at mid-2006 levels.
  • Spiking gas prices equal higher inflation: 2.9% trailing 12 mo.

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Asset Protection Beyond Insurance

Insurance may not provide all the protection you need or it might not be available, so you may need to consider these strategies. (Read More)

401(k) Corner Roth 401(k) – is it right for you?

While taxes are fresh on your mind, now might be the best time to review whether you should contribute to your 401(k) with pre-tax or after-tax money. Contributions that are put back before-taxes are the Traditional 401(k), while those that are put back after-taxes are the Roth 401(k).  (Read More)

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