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October 2011 Monthly Recap

Renewed Optimism?

Domestic equities defied October’s reputation as a bad month for stocks, making up for at least some of the damage done since July. Only a 2%-plus loss on the month’s final trading session kept the Dow from having its best October in more than a century… Learn More

The Market votes against the Greek Referendum

By: Clint Edgington, CFA

Why Greek PM Papandreou would call for a referendum on the recent bailout has certainly confused the markets and this author. One could guess it is to get a better grip on his flagging power base; however, it appears to have already backfired as his fellow lawmakers, including those within his party have blasted him.

The referendum call puts in jeopardy the next installation of bailout funds by the IMF and the EU and, although no one is able to yet put together thoughts on what may occur, below is a quick sketch of our thoughts on the referendum. Read More

Europe Affects Your Portfolio

When a possible default on Greek sovereign debt becomes headline news, a lot of people find themselves wondering, “How can the problems of a country so small and so far away create such turmoil in the world’s financial markets?Learn More

Seen in the Press

Columbus Dispatch – “Market Volatility: Calmer Heads Prevail” – 10/2/11
by Mark Fissel, CFP®

Improve Culture to Improve Results

Join us for a Lunch & Learn.  Discover how to improve profit margins without cutting costs!  Learn More

Long-term Care Awarness Month

The prospect of needing long-term care is an important, yet sometimes overlooked, part of financial and retirement planning. Yet it may be especially vital for women… Read More

401(k) Corner: Time is Running Out

We see companies wanting to make changes to improve, add, or amend parts of their plan but time gets away as they run their day-to-day business.  A word of caution: if you plan to improve or build upon your plan this year, time is quickly running out.

1. How much time? – most platforms require at least 30 days to make a change.

2. RFP (request for proposal) – a best practice is to bid your plan every 2-3 years to ensure you are competitive in the market.  If you plan to bid your plan this year, meet with a professional in the next 2 weeks.

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