Family Office Services

We assist families in building, managing, and preserving their wealth through tailored financial services. The family office integrates resources to facilitate asset protection, risk management, inter-generational transfer of wealth, financial education, family values and philanthropy.

Ultra-high-net-worth families require a broad range of services. We have developed a program that specifically caters to these needs.  Our Family Office services include:

  • Investment Strategy and Implementation
    • Policy development, manager selection, custodial oversight, special asset-class research
  • Integrated Financial Strategies
    • Banking, retirement, tax and coordination
  • Client Information Management
    • Consolidated statements, cash flow analysis, performance reporting, data management
  • Wealth Transfer Planning
    • Multi-generational snapshot, financial modeling, generational finance training
  • Trusteeship Services
    • Fiduciary services, investment and beneficiary education, cost analysis and negotiation
  • Liability Management
    • Property and casualty insurance assessment, RFP services, specialty practice lines of insurance, life insurance analysis
  • Operating Entity Governance
    • Operating company oversight, benchmarking and cost reduction strategies
  • Lifestyle Enhancements
    • Bill pay, property management, cash flow management and forecasting, concierge services
  • Family Continuity/Client Education
    • Family governance, family meeting coordination, coaching and mentoring
  • Family Philanthropy
    • Foundation creation, coordination and governance; board development