April 2011 Monthly Recap

Equities- Earnings above all else Higher commodity prices didn’t stop stellar earnings from pushing stocks up in April. Large company stocks slightly outperformed smaller company stocks. Many question if a shift in performance may begin, as small company valuations appear more expensive than large companies on an forward earnings basis. Foreign developed stocks leapfrogged U.S. …

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Spring 2011 Newsletter

Spring 2011 Newsletter Download PDF Equity Markets Worldwide economic growth shrugged off daunting headlines and markets continued their expansion in the first quarter of 2011. U.S. Large Company stocks experienced their best quarterly performance since 1998! Foreign markets grew as well, although volatility among different countries, regions, and time periods increased drastically due to worldwide …

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February 2011 Monthly Recap

Market Update – A Recap Of February News headlines in February were not investor friendly with revolutions in Egypt, Libya, and others coinciding with higher food and energy costs across the world. As I write this, protestors pass by our office, signs in hand, to voice their disapproval for legislation meant to reduce the strength of …

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January 2011 Monthly Recap

Market Update – A Recap Of January January continued the equity market strength, with the Dow finally breaking 12,000, a milestone not seen since the summer of 2008. In addition, 72% of companies reported earnings in January beating expectations. Valid concerns persist about the bull market being a liquidity event orchestrated by the Fed; however, …

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Winter 2011 Quarterly Newsletter – Business Owners

Winter 2011 Quarterly Newsletter – Business Owners Download Newsletter in PDF   ECONOMIC SUMMARY Goldilocks Brings Investors A Great 2010 While it’s said that economists and analysts make predictions in order to give weathermen something to laugh at, a solid review of where we came from is necessary in order to focus on the future. Click …

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