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Natural Disaster Planning for Small Businesses

Whether your small business survives a natural disaster may depend as much (if not more) on the plans you put in place now, before a disaster occurs, as on what you do after a disaster strikes. Here are some disaster preparedness ideas for you to consider for your small business. Before the disaster Evaluate possible …

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Mid-Year Reality Check: Covering Your Bases in Uncertain Times

Imagine playing a complicated game, but the rules of the game are changing, and the new rules have yet to be announced. That’s what income tax planning is like this year. In fact, if there was ever a year to spend some quality time with your financial professional, this is it. Here are a few …

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Quarterly Economic Perspective (Q2 – 2012)

Under pressure from Italy and Spain, European Union leaders agreed that a single body–possibly the European Central Bank–should oversee banks in all 17 eurozone countries, and that details should be finalized by year’s end. Once that is in place, the current bailout fund and its replacement, the European Stability Mechanism, will be able to lend …

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Quarterly Market Review: Q2 – 2012

A strong finish in June couldn’t overcome equities’ difficulties earlier in the quarter as Greece narrowly avoided a showdown with its eurozone peers. The Dow and the S&P 500 held up the best, while the Nasdaq and Russell 2000 saw bigger quarterly losses. Nevertheless, the previous quarter’s performance means that all four domestic indices still …

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Retirement Rules of Thumb

Because retirement rules of thumb are guidelines designed for the average situation, they’ll tend to be “wrong” for a particular retiree as often as they’re “right.” However, rules of thumb are usually based on a sound financial principle, and can provide a good starting point for assessing your retirement needs. Here are four common retirement …

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