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Winter 2016 Newsletter

2016 Winter Newsletter (pdf)

Budgeting – Cornerstone of Success

5 Budget Tips You Need to Know
By: Mark A. Fissel, CFP®

We’ve all heard the phrase “live within your means”. That’s much easier said than done. I’ve spent some time over the last year helping a few clients “live within their means” to achieve their version of financial success. Read more for helpful tips that you can put to work.

Important Upcoming Dates

You may be wondering when various financial tax documents will be sent out this year.  To find out the form number, mailing date, and form description see this chart.

What the Fed Rate Hike Means To You

The Federal Reserve raised its key interest rate by 0.25% December 16th. It was the first rate hike in nearly a decade. Read More

Planning For Retirement Income

Replacement ratios may be useful for gauging how much to save in order to build an adequate nest egg when retirement is decades away; however, they’re less helpful within 10 years of retirement. Read More

2016 Contribution Limits

How much can be contributed to an IRA and 401(k) in 2016? Are the income limits for Roth IRAs going to increase? Read More

Accessing Portfolio Performance

Expecting portfolio returns to meet or beat “the market” is unrealistic unless you are willing to expose all your savings to the risk and volatility associated with it.  Read More

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