Retirement Plans


You are focused on running your business. Therefore; we focus and offer expert services to run your corporate retirement plan. Our specialties include:

  • Profit Sharing – 401(k), Safe Harbor
  • SEP
  • Money Purchase
  • Defined Benefit


Complimentary Initial Consultation

Fact Finding



Ongoing Services

Annual Fiduciary Review

Investment Monitoring

Partnership Opportunities


Fee Transparency: Current legislation (and litigation) is pointing toward full fee disclosure to both companies that sponsor retirement plans, as well as the individual participants- a movement that is long overdue. Beacon Hill’s fully transparent fee structure will not only comply with this new movement, it will move you ahead.

Experience: Our experience being an Administrator for a company allows us to understand the headaches in having these plans- and helps us eliminate them for you! Our experience includes working directly with DB plans.

Competitive Pricing: We’ve seen many companies start to take advantage of great relationships as pricing becomes misaligned with industry norms. We analyze our tiered pricing structure annually to ensure we’re at or below industry benchmarks.

Test the water! We will analyze your current fees; you might be surprised! We’ll also show you a comparison of our fees and service model.

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