Summer 2009 Quarterly Newsletter

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Summer 2009 Quarterly Newsletter (view as pdf) UPCOMING EVENTS August 4, 2009 Symposium in partnership with Victor Ferguson, Partner with Vorys, Seymour, Sater, and Pease LLP, Location & Time TBA. November 11, 18, and December 2 In partnership with Upper Arlington Library A “How To” guide to “Investment Management”, “Asset Allocation”, and “Uncertainty and Retirement …

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Spring 2009 Quarterly Newsletter

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Spring 2009 Quarterly Newsletter (view as pdf) ANNOUNCEMENTS/EVENTS We are excited to announce our partnership with Miami University in the research of active vs. passive management. This will help our clients receive value in a way no other Advisory can currently offer! The Financial Planning Association’s 2008 Chicago Conference gave us insight into other Advisor’s …

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Winter 2009 Quarterly Newsletter

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Winter 2009 Quarterly Newsletter (view as pdf) WELCOME Welcome to our quarterly newsletter! We enjoy writing and researching, so if there is a subject that may interest you, please feel free to ask and we will work to include it in a future edition. Also, we will be experimenting with both subject matter and formats …

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Retirement Plan Fee Transparency

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View Retirement Plan Fee Transparency

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Employee Stock Ownership Plans

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Employee Stock Ownership Plans – Maximize your company’s sale value through selling to employees B.O.S.S.™ (Business Owners Strategy Session) Session for March 18, 2010 Our value is to provide investment and financial solutions to our clients’ business and personal lives. In that spirit, we provide the B.O.S.S.(TM) sessions to help our clients’ businesses. Last Thursday …

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