Medicare and Medicaid: Do You Know the Difference?

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Medicare and Medicaid were signed into law 36 years ago to protect older and poorer Americans against the high cost of health care. Ironically, it’s the high cost of providing health care through these programs that now threatens federal and state budgets, leading to calls for Medicare and Medicaid reform. Although these programs are often …

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All about Indices

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No doubt you’ve seen headlines reporting that a particular index is up or down. But do you know how an index works, and why understanding the nuts and bolts of a specific index can make a difference to your portfolio? An index is simply a way to measure and report the fluctuations of a securities …

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Ohio Estate Tax Update

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This just in… Governor Kasich signed into law the State budget which repealed the Ohio estate tax beginning January 1, 2013. Though you will no longer be required to pay Ohio estate taxes after 2012, it is necessary to continue reviewing and monitoring your estate plan. Taxes are only one aspect of comprehensive estate planning …

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Mid-Year Portfolio Checkup

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A slew of economic events has occurred in the first half of 2011, and with it comes portfolio changes.   With the end of the Fed’s bond purchases (“QE2”) and the Greek austerity measures behind us (for now), it’s a great time for a review of your portfolio.  A few simple things to look at… 1.)    …

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401(k) Corner – Contribute $260,000 every year!

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Ok, so it’s not technically a 401(k) that you can defer income into, but many are surprised by just how much can be deferred into retirement plans by using advanced planning. A recent interaction with a business owner is representative of many conversations we have.  Mr. Johnson (fictitious name) has worked hard and re-invested in …

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