Fiduciary Guarantee: A false sense of security

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Summary:  There are significant exceptions to the 401(k) warrantees that we have reviewed that render them fairly ineffective in protecting employers/fiduciaries.  If an employer wants to rely on a fiduciary warrantee, we highly advise spending a few hundred dollars to discuss the relative merits with an ERISA attorney.  A warrantee of questionable depth does not …

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August Market Snapshot (2011)

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Extreme Volatility Volatility turned extreme in equities markets during August. The decline that began in July turned into a roller-coaster as equities saw wild swings from day to day. In a single week, 2 of the Dow’s 11 worst daily point losses in history alternated with 2 of its 11 best days ever. A rally …

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August – Eye on the Month Ahead

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The country is in for renewed deficit-related congressional debate as the October 1 budget-setting deadline for the upcoming fiscal year approaches and the work of the deficit reduction supercommittee begins. President Obama will unveil his proposed jobs program September 8. In addition to economic data that could help clarify the state of the economy, the …

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August – Month in Review

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The last-minute resolution of the debt ceiling debate couldn’t prevent Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the U.S. credit rating (and ratings of various agencies linked to the federal government) from an impeccable AAA to AA+. Two other agencies maintained their existing ratings, but said they will be watching to see what further measures are taken …

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How do I include my cyber assets in my estate plan?

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Your cyber (or digital) assets may have sentimental and/or economic value, and you should consider including them in your estate plan. Here’s how: Identify your cyber assets. They include (a) domain names, websites, and blogs, (b) photos, videos, and documents stored on sharing sites such as Flickr, YouTube, and Google Docs, (c) e-mail accounts, (d) …

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