Making Financial Resolutions? Look Back at Last Year

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Each new year brings the chance for a fresh start, and the opportunity to improve your financial picture. As you make financial resolutions for 2012, looking back at what happened last year can help you make some positive changes this year. Automate your retirement savings In 2011: The economic slowdown took its toll on retirement …

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Annual Economic Perspective

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Unemployment: Starting at 9.4% in December 2010, the unemployment rate remained stuck within a point or two of 9% until November, when the biggest monthly decline in more than 13 years cut it to 8.6% (a level last seen in March 2009). Cuts in state, local, and federal government employment partly offset gains in private-sector …

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The Month in Review (Nov)

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Despite bond-buying by the European Central Bank, the overseas debt debacle spread from Greece, Portugal, and Ireland to larger economies, costing the Greek and Italian prime ministers their jobs in the process. Yields on Italian and Spanish debt neared or exceeded the 7% level that triggered the need for bailouts in the smaller countries. As …

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Market Recap – November

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The Markets Europe’s ongoing debt problems hurt domestic equities last month, causing them to reverse much of October’s strong gains. The tech-heavy Nasdaq took the biggest hit, while a strong rally on the month’s final day helped bring the S&P 500 and Russell 2000 up to just below even. The Dow–the sole gainer for the …

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2012: New Fee Disclosure rules may surprise Employees and Employers alike

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Many small business owners and employees are too busy to focus on their retirement plans, but it will be interesting to see how many notice when new fee disclosure rules come into place in 2012.  Business owners and HR practitioners should realize that they have the responsibility for compiling and disclosing fees to employees.  For …

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