A Letter From Your Advisors

Dear valued clients, While we cannot predict with certainty the severity of the Coronavirus outbreak, a central tenant of Beacon Hill Investment Advisory is risk management. While the staff at Beacon Hill do not have the known risk factors that would make us vulnerable to major health issues, many of our clients, friends, and family …

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Market Reaction to Coronavirus

Fears of contagion of the Coronavirus triggered the market to experience it’s fastest 10% drop from an all time high last week and prompted the Fed to slash the Fed funds rate by .5%.  This is an interesting market development; on it’s face such a small percentage of the population has been directly affected however …

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February 2020 Monthly Recap

When President Trump signed the SECURE Act at the end of 2019, it could easily have escaped your notice during the holiday season. While time will tell if this law aimed to encourage greater retirement savings achieves its aims there’s no question it has a direct impact on many taxpayers. Read More Tax Documents CalendarCheck …

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Tax Documents Calendar

The following is a complete list of all tax documents used for reporting throughout the year, listed in order of when they will be released each year. DOCUMENT NAME INFORMATION REPORTED ONLINE AVAILABILITY DATE JANUARY 1099-QPayments from Qualified Education Programs (under Sections 529 and 530) Distributions from qualified tuition programs and Coverdell ESA January 17, …

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How can I lower my credit card debt & improve my credit report?

If you find that you are struggling to pay down a credit card balance, here are some strategies that can help eliminate your credit card debt. Pay off cards with the highest interest rate first. If you have more than one card that carries an outstanding balance, one option is to prioritize your payments according to …

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