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4 Retirement Planning Mistakes to Avoid

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We all recognize the importance of planning and saving for retirement, but too many of us fall victim to one or more common mistakes. Here are four easily avoidable mistakes that could prevent you from reaching your retirement goals. 1. Putting off planning and saving Because retirement may be many years away, it’s easy to …

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Year-End Investment Planning and the Fiscal Cliffhanger

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Investment planning at the end of 2012 revisits issues that have complicated the planning process for the last two years–tax cut extensions and spending cuts designed to reduce the U.S. budget deficit. Uncertainty about both and whether they will lead to what’s been called a “fiscal cliff” in 2013 is likely to affect year-end investment …

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Quarterly Economic Perspective

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It was Spain’s turn to become the focus of concerns about eurozone financial stability as interest rates briefly topped 7% once again. Investors were relieved when a German court cleared the way for implementation of the eurozone’s bailout fund. However, by the end of the quarter, protests against fresh austerity measures and tax increases coupled …

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Quarterly Market Update – Q3 2012

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Domestic equities confounded anyone worried about a possible repeat of August 2011 and reached year-to-date highs in mid-September. The Dow hit a level not seen since December 2007, while the S&P 500’s quarterly gain left it up more than 14% for all of 2012. The Nasdaq has done even better, gaining more than 6% in …

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Economic Perspective – August 2012

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Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the Fed is ready to supply fresh economic support if needed, but stopped short of promising specific additional measures at the Federal Open Market Committee’s September 13 meeting. Meanwhile, Spanish and Italian bond yields eased a bit, though there was little concrete follow-up to European Central Bank President Mario …

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