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401(k) Corner: Roth 401(k)…is it right for you?

While taxes are fresh on your mind, now might be the best time to review whether you should contribute to your 401(k) with pre-tax or after-tax money.   Contributions that are put back before-taxes are the Traditional 401(k), while those that are put back after-taxes are the Roth 401(k). Your tax planner can help you in …

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2012: New Fee Disclosure rules may surprise Employees and Employers alike

Many small business owners and employees are too busy to focus on their retirement plans, but it will be interesting to see how many notice when new fee disclosure rules come into place in 2012.  Business owners and HR practitioners should realize that they have the responsibility for compiling and disclosing fees to employees.  For …

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The Market votes against the Greek Referendum

The Market votes against the Greek Referendum Why Greek PM Papandreou would call for a referendum on the recent bailout has certainly confused the markets and this author.  One could guess it is to get a better grip on his flagging power base; however, it appears to have already backfired as his fellow lawmakers, including …

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401(k) Corner: Increase Employee Savings

Why? 1. Those with a healthier retirement plan are more “present” while working, increasing efficiency. 2. Larger balances per employee allow fixed costs (administrative, audit, etc.) to be spread over a larger asset base, creating cost savings for everyone. How? 1.) Communication- Stress the importance of retirement savings. Employees don’t know that the rule of …

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Fiduciary Guarantee: A false sense of security

Summary:  There are significant exceptions to the 401(k) warrantees that we have reviewed that render them fairly ineffective in protecting employers/fiduciaries.  If an employer wants to rely on a fiduciary warrantee, we highly advise spending a few hundred dollars to discuss the relative merits with an ERISA attorney.  A warrantee of questionable depth does not …

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