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Do You Have an Exit Plan in Place for Your Business?

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Exit planning is something that all business owners will have to face at some point.  Like being the executor of an estate, it is usually thrust upon someone once in their lifetime.  They initially have no knowledge of how to do it, will gain that knowledge while doing it, and will likely never use that …

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Darkness in the Valley of Value

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Recently, I had the pleasure of hearing Kenneth French discuss creating the framework for evaluating factors.  A factor is simply a characteristic that explains some of the variation in returns of an investment.  These factors can be used to build a portfolio that has higher expected risk-adjusted returns. In the 1950’s, academia began getting involved …

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Tax Reform

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The long awaited tax reform framework was introduced by the Trump Administration last week. It may be difficult to craft and pass, as the procedure Senate leaders plan to use will require no addition to the deficit in order for changes to be permanent.  This would require slashing existing tax breaks, almost all of which …

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The Impact of Brexit

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For my fellow central Ohioans, below is a “Clint’s notes” summary of a number of articles and analyses that may impact our clients and portfolios.  I’m sure many others have been following more closely and I encourage them to reach out to me with any thoughts or comments. The European Union is an economic and …

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Cash Balance Plans

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Cash Balance Plans- Squeeze 20 years of retirement savings into 10! If you’re like many Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, or “ologists” (i.e. Radiologists, Cardiologists, etc.) that own your own practice, you’ve put off saving for your own retirement due to paying off huge student loans, paying for your kids’ educations, etc. With taxes taking half of …

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