September 26, 2013

Topic: Retirement Planning for Business Owners
Expert: Beacon Hill Investment Advisory, Clint Edgington, CFA - Partner

Beacon Hill

October 17, 2013

Topic: How to Drive Customers to Action Through Narratives
Expert: GREENCREST, Chris Kavinsky, Web Developer


November 14, 2013

Topic:Year-End Tax Strategies for Your Business
Expert: Frush & Associates, Chad. W. Frush, CPA - Principal


January 16, 2014

Topic: 401(k)'s for Dummies: How to Rise Above Your Competition
Expert: Blue & Co., Ken Barton - Director


February 20, 2014

Topic: Estate Planning for Business Owners
  1. Learn about current developments in the law.
  2. Explore techniques you can use to reduce estate taxes
  3. Pass generational wealth more efficiently with advanced planning
Expert: Kohler & Smith Co., LPA, Attorneys at Law -
Marc D. Smith, Esq., CPA - President

kohler and smith

March 20, 2014

Topic: Open
Expert: Open

Workshops begin at noon and end at 1:15 p.m. Feel free to arrive 15 minutes early to socialize.
Location will be fixed this year for all events: OSU Fawcett Center. Meeting rooms may vary.

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