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September 2018 Monthly Recap

J.D. Flaherty, CEO of Construction Systems Inc., Shares His Employee Stock Ownership Plan Experience


by Anne Zavaglia
A small number of business owners choose to use an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (“ESOP”) as part of their succession plan. Due to its very specific benefits and drawbacks, an ESOP works with business owners with a unique set of characteristics. Learn about why J.D. Flaherty decided to use this exit planning strategy and what it meant for his company, Construction Systems, Inc. Read More

Columbus Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest 2018 Holiday Beer Illustration Background. Bavarian


9/7/18 – 9/9/18
Held on the grounds of the Ohio Expo Center, the 53rd Annual Columbus Oktoberfest features 100,000 square feet of covered open-air pavilions perfect for two stages, dance floors, and beer hall-style dining! Bring the kids to the Kinderrplatz and enjoy a few biers with the adults while you soak in the German music, dancing, snacks and shops! Read More.


Executive Order on Strengthening Retirement Security in America

While we don’t know what will come of President Trump’s recent Executive Order relating to retirement plans, it appears the basic thrust is removing regulations, allowing small businesses to combine 401k plans (“Multi-Employer Plans”) and potentially reduce Required Minimum Distributions. Read More.

Working in Retirement

The 2018 Retirement Confidence Survey found that more than two-thirds of all workers surveyed expect that paid work will play a role as a source of retirement income. If you believe working for pay will supplement at least some of your retirement income, consider the following facts. Read More

Your Term Life Insurance Policy

One advantage of term life insurance is that it is generally the most cost-effective way to achieve the maximum life insurance protection you can afford. Many people first purchase term life insurance to protect their family’s financial interests after a significant life event, such as getting married or the birth of a child. Read More

The Pros and Costs of Hiring

It’s exciting to discover an opportunity to expand the size or scope of your business, and sometimes more workers are needed to make that happen. In the fourth quarter of 2017, 32% of small-business owners said they intend to increase the number of jobs in their companies over the next 12 months. Read More

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