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February 2017 Monthly Recap

Cute groundhog announcing the end of winter

Valentine’s Day

a bouquet of beautiful red roses.

Valentine’s Day was originally celebrated in mid-February as Lupercalia, a fertility festival, in Ancient Rome.  After the rise of the Catholic Church, Valentine’s Day became the feast day of St. Valentine. There were a number of martyred saints by the name of Valentinus, one of whom performed wedding ceremonies in secret.Read more


Free Sundays

79169df1-fc69-47b6-ac92-8a5a5163dbe1Visit the Columbus Museum of Art for free on Sundays! February will be the last month to see the popular exhibit, Think Outside the Brick: The Creative Art of Lego. Visitors can experience hands on art in the the Big Idea Gallery, and kids can enjoy creative play in the Wonder Room! Learn More




ERISA consultants expect Trump to delay fiduciary rule

Industry consultants and administrative law experts are expecting a formal delay of the Labor Department’s fiduciary rule.Read More

Social Security Benefits

Social Security is an important source of retirement income for millions of Americans, but how much do you know about this program? Read More

Tax Tips for the Self-Employed

Whether you’re running your own business or thinking about starting one, you’ll want to be aware of the specific tax rules and opportunities that apply to you. Read More

60-day IRA Rollover Deadline

If you take a distribution from your IRA intending to make a 60-day rollover, but for some reason the funds don’t get to the new IRA trustee in time, the tax impact can be significant. Read More
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