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Winter 2014 Newsletter

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Happy New Year! It’s a time for new beginnings; whatever mistakes you made in 2013, you have a clean slate to plan for 2014. Don’t let the busy day-to-day work cheat you from this opportunity – planning doesn’t have to be difficult. At a minimum:

1. Write down one financial goal for 2014 – this would be an objective that helps you and your family financially.
2. Write down one mistake that you made in 2013 that youwon’t repeat this year.
3. Write down one success that you had last year that youwill repeat in 2014.

Here are mine:
1. Up my savings rate to what my financial plan requires.
2. Not working out – don’t judge me 🙂
3. Finally paying off the last remnants of any debt (other than mortgage) – my student loans!

That’s it! Make sure you keep the list handy so you see it monthly. If you’re taking incremental steps toward each goal as the year progresses, you’ll be better off a year from now.

With record low temperatures outside, grab a warm drink and enjoy our newsletter.

Best Wishes,

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Annual Economic Snapshot

  • Recap on equities, bonds, oil, currencies & gold.
  • Unemployment rate ends year at 7%. Lowest in 5 years.
  • GDP: accelerated throughout the year.
  • Fed: announced tapering to bond buying program.
  • Inflation: remained well under historical averages. 1.2%
  • Housing: 13.6% year-over-year price gain.
  • Manufacturing: index rose every month in last 6 months. (Read More)

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