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July 2013 Monthly Recap

Happy Friday! It’s that time of year where millions of families start planning to go back to school.  Mark and his family are joining the club as their first child enters the school system in just a few short weeks. It’s bittersweet to send the first duckling out of the nest.

Enjoy our monthly newsletter.

Summer Spring Back

Reassuring words from the Federal Reserve helped alleviate the anxiety seen in June about the imminent demise of easy money; the S&P 500, Dow, and Russell 2000 all saw new record closes during the month… (Read More)

Economic Perspective

  • GDP grew 1.7% annualized in Q2
  • Unemployment stuck at 7.6%
  • New home sales surged to 8.3%
  • Consumer inflation up .5% for the month
  • Manufacturing reports were generally positive
  • Fed spent much of July reassuring investors
  • Detroit became largest city ever to declare bankruptcy (Read More)

Timing Market Volatility

Though a market downturn isn’t fun, its timing can have a greater impact on some investors… (Read More)

Home Office Alert

If you run a business out of your home, it’s important to understand tax deductions that you might be entitled to… (Read More)

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