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May Monthly Recap

June is a wonderful month for fathers and Father’s Day is only two weeks away.  As a father of three boys, I enjoy spending time with the kids more than a gift. Take this time of year to surprise your Dad by asking him to join you for one of his favorite pastimes (baseball game, dinner out, fishing/boating…).

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Bull Ride

Despite some volatility toward the end of the month, bulls generally continued to have their way with domestic equities… (Read More)

Economic Perspective

  • GDP grew 2.4% during Q1
  • Unemployment continues falling to 7.5%
  • Housing market continues to rally
  • Inflation showed no sign of pressure on Fed
  • Retail sales up .1% and not due to gas prices
  • Manufacturing data was mixed
  • Fed will continue bond purchases albeit tapering may begin. (Read More)

Understanding 401(k) Plan Fees and Expenses

Why should I care about plan fees? How do I learn about my plan’s fees? (Read More)

Coordinating Social Security with Other Assets

Social Security provides retirement income you can’t outlive… (Read More)

Just How Risky Is Your Portfolio?

The term “risk” is often understood to mean the risk of loss; however… (Read More)

Business Owners

Section 179 Rules for 2013
As a business owner, you may have faced the prospect of losing two important tax-saving provisions as part of the fiscal cliff: the temporarily expanded Section 179 expensing limits and the 50 percent first-year bonus depreciation rule. (Read More)


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