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October 2012 Monthly Update

Hurricane Sandy

Superstorm Sandy had relatively little impact on financial markets despite the first back-to-back weather-related closings in more than a century… (More)

Economic Perspective

  • Economic growth soared in Q3 – from 1.3% to 2%
  • Unemployment fell to 7.8%
  • Housing market still improving: 5.7% jump in sales
  • Gas prices contributed to consumer inflation
  • China – economic growth slows for 7th quarter
  • Retail sales jump 1.1% for the month


On The Precipice: the Fiscal Cliff

Expiring tax breaks; the imposition of new taxes on high-income individuals; and automatic deficit-reduction spending cuts… (More)

2 Social Security Strategies

You can boost both your Social Security retirement income and income for your surviving spouse… (More)

401(k) Corner: Lunch & Learn

Tax Savings with Advanced Plans
Speaker: Ken Barton, Director Blue & Co.

  • Plans that allow for more savings than 401(k)s
  • How Weighted Profit Sharing plans help owners
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