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Summer 2012 Newsletter

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Greek Showdown

A strong finish in June couldn’t overcome equities’ difficulties earlier in the quarter as Greece narrowly avoided a showdown with its eurozone peers… (Read More)

Quarterly Economic Perspective

  • European leaders agree on single body oversight for EU
  • Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act – implementation begins
  • Unemployment remains stalled at 8.2%
  • New home sales shot up in May; highest in 2 years
  • Fed to extend “Operation Twist” through year-end
  • Durable goods orders up in May; manufacturing slowing (Read More)

Mid-Year Reality Check

Imagine playing a complicated game, but the rules of the game are changing, and the new rules have yet to be announced… (Read More)

Natural Disaster Planning

Whether your small business survives a natural disaster may depend as much (if not more) on the plans you put in place now… (Read More)

Beacon Hill Merges With W.B. Shorthill & Associates

We are excited to have Bill on the Beacon Hill team and are confident our mutual clients will benefit…” (Read More)

401(k) Corner: The Deadline is Here

If you haven’t heard by now, it’s late but not too late. The Department of Labor changed 401(k)s’ in February when it passed the Fee Disclosures ruling. As of July 1st, all participant-directed plans should have received a 408(b)(2) disclosurefrom vendors. Vendors include TPA’s, record-keepers, brokers and investment advisors.

 You have important duties which include, compiling all vendor information into a prescribed format and distributing to participants by August 31st.  We help our clients navigate new regulations; if you’re overwhelmed, we are happy to help.  (Read More)
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