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Winter 2012 Newsletter

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Volatile Markets

The global village became more connected as 2011 was consumed by debt, debate, downgrades, and potential default both here and overseas. U.S. economic data had to struggle for months against headwinds from abroad that preoccupied Wall Street even as Wall Street itself got occupied. (Read More)

2011 Annual Economic Perspective

  • Unemployment rate drops
  • GDP: economy gradually began to improve
  • Inflation: high at wholesale level but average for consumers
  • Housing starts, home sales and prices (Read More)

New Year’s Financial Resolutions

As you make financial resolutions for 2012, looking back at what happened last year can help you make some positive changes this year. (Read More)

401(k) Corner: Fees & Liability

Join us to learn how to decrease expenses and maximize protection for your company 401(k) plan.

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