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Top 4 Mid-Year Money Moves

Top 4 Mid-Year Money Moves

The middle of the year makes a good time for checking up on your investments and retirement plans.

Here are a few things to review

1. Asset Allocation
Equities have gone down the first half of this year, how has that affected your asset allocation. No matter the investment theory you prescribe to, it’s worth a look now.

2. Beneficiary designations and insurance needs
If you’ve had life changes (i.e. divorce, new child, etc.) make sure you update your beneficiary designations on investment accounts.

3. Insurance Needs
Life changes will also constantly change your insurance needs. For example, disability or life insurance that an ex-employer provided will no longer be a resource for you once you’ve left.

4. Individual Investment Review
Write down your reasons for buying/holding an investment. Revisit biannually and, if they change, take action.

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