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Top 3 Ways to Achieve a Great Retirement

Top 3 Ways to Achieve a Great Retirement

1. Save Early and Often
Compound interest and the habit of saving works best when started young. If a 30 year old started saving $1,000 a month now instead of waiting 10 years to start, she would have twice the portfolio when she is 60!

2. Understand Risk
Know how much risk is in your portfolio and adjust it over time. Risk is not necessarily bad but unmanaged risk is.

3. Be Cost Conscious
Be concerned about what you keep, not just what you make.

  • Taxes- Using tax advantaged plans can have substantial benefits (IRAs, Roths, 401(k)s). Understand what type of account is best to place each investment in from a tax perspective.
  • Expenses- All mutual funds have hidden expenses internally and expensive mutual funds usually underperform less expensive funds. In addition, understand broker or advisor fees.
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